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Ariel Carr

Building generational wealth through  
social media

I made $100,000 in 90 days by monetizing my Instagram and I'm passionate about teaching others how to do the same.

I'm Ariel Carr and I'm here to tell you that YES — you can get paid every time you post! You only need ONE great offer to get started to turn your followers into buyers. 

My students learned to monetize their social media platforms without a huge following and you can too.

let me show you how



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Ariel Carr - The Money Realtor
Ariel Carr - Instagram

Stop scrolling aimlessly. Get paid instead.

Ever wonder how people are using Instagram to make money? I did too. 

Before developing my strategy, I decided I wanted to study Instagram and BEAT the algorithm. I was stuck not getting likes, losing followers, and making zero dollars off of the followers I already had.


I launched my business page in April 2020. By August, I had 100k followers and made $100,000 in sales by selling through the platform.


Now I teach others the proper techniques. Click below to see my students earn four, five, and six figures!

Learn how to monetize your social media to six figures

Grab the resources designed to turn your social media into a profit-making machine.

Ariel Carr - #SociallyPaid
Ariel Carr - social media monetization strategist

Your social media monetization strategist, Ariel

Hey y'all! I'm Ariel Carr and I've helped entrepreneurs and hustlers alike grow and monetize their social media.

My resources have helped struggling business men and women scale to six figures by building captivating online audiences that invest in the offers presented to them.

Success Stories

Connect on Instagram @arielcarr

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