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Customer successes and kind words

Scroll down to hear from a few of my students and clients!

Check out the kind words from followers who have put my strategies to use! Significant results!

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Chance’s success story is one of my favorites — but it’s also one of many. The only thing that drives me more than my own success is sharing that success with others!

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"Ariel is AMAZING. She helped me get to the next level FAST

"I am so grateful for you Ariel! If you're thinking about getting it, get it TODAY.

I'm making $700 - $1000 daily. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽" 


Six Figure Instagram Monetization Earner

Author & Founder of Emerge University

A true success story and a testament that you only need one great product to get started on the side hustle that earns six figures a year. Get ready for your passion to meet your purpose!

"Ariel's course helped me make 

$12,500 in just pre-orders

“I started promoting my online course and I made $12,500 just in pre-orders from those who signed up for access! I wasn’t expecting to get this big of a response in the first day of promoting my course. I was definitely stuck as far as marketing on my Instagram and finding clients so I truly appreciate the information Ariel provided.”


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Wellness Interior Designer

Owner of Studio Lihwati

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"Her strategies helped me earn $500 my first week

“Ariel did an amazing job of breaking down each module and I found the course extremely helpful. Her strategies helped me earn $500 my first week after launching my digital product!”


Music Industry Connoisseur

E-Book Author


"I've already seen massive growth & massive engagement" 

“I've actually taken a few other courses in the past, however I am blown away by how much I still learned from this course. I am so excited to review and reflect on all I've learned and start implementing it! I've already seen massive growth, massive engagement and I am SO excited to continue on this path. I cannot thank Ariel enough!”


Skin Care Educator

Digital Course Creator

Looking for a system to earn six figures or more in a year? 
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